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  • Sale of residential
  • commercial properties and new development
  • Letting of both residential and commercial properties
  • Advise on sale out of deceased estates
  • Listing of properties
  • Valuations

Value Added Services

Over and above the service listed above and through our experienced and trained
agents we offer to customers the following added services:

Sometimes seller of the properties believe that once their property is sold they are
no longer obliged to maintain regular payments under their home loans. This
belief is fallacious! We at Sebego properties regard ourselves as property expects,
we advise sellers from date we obtain mandate. We remind and advise our sellers
of their duties to maintain regular payments under mortgage bond and importantly
paying relevant municipalities accounts until their properties are registered
into the names of the purchaser (New owner).

We are not the extended arms of the financial institution neither are we financial
advisors. We do, however, always advise our new home owners that they need to
try very hard to endure regular payments under their home loans so as to avoid
having to loose their pride (their Homes).

Our customer is key, Our experienced and well trained agents always ensure that
sellers and purchasers agree of the date of occupation so as to avoid last hour
rush. Peace of mind to our customer has no price! It is guaranteed!